Complex Tailings Storage Facility Compliance Made Simple

Effortless GISTM compliance auditing, tracking and reporting to communities, regulators and investors

Great! Show me how

GISTM compliance is now a reality.
The next compliance deadline is coming

5 August 2025







Powerful reports are just the beginning

Due to rising stakeholder demands there is increased pressure on mining companies to go beyond compliance

While daunting, the solution is easy. We can offer you an intuitive platform with a comprehensive management solution that ‘sits’ behind the audit. It identifies gaps and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable accurate compliance forecasting. A simple solution to meet your GISTM requirements and enable you to send real time reports to key stakeholders.

Reduced Audit Fatigue

Our unique user-centred audit design provides maximum context to the auditor for faster and more consistent reports

Integrated audits

Manage compliance against multiple standards such as GISTM,TSM, ICOLD and others, in a single integrated audit

Push button, powerful reporting

Generate real-time compliance reports for the board, investors and other key stakeholders

Actionable forecasting

Invaluable forecast adherence capability, based on ‘live’ action management

Total management solution

We offer a comprehensive management solution that efficiently and effectively manages tailings compliance

Super fast turnkey solution

There’s no delay.You can have access to Forwood Tailings+ within the day

Let’s comply

20 years experience in managing catastrophic risk. There is no other platform on the market that makes complex TSF requirements this simple.

100% compliance

Meet your GISTM deadlines

Here are the Top 3 Challenges Implementing GISTM Standard

Audit Fatigue

Too many audits with repeated requirements from multiple standards leading to Audit Fatigue

Lack of Visibility

The audit findings are managed in multiple systems without direct relation to the compliance goals. There by resulting in multiple self-assessments, to report on compliance

Public Disclosure

Manual data collation and approval processes to disclose relevant information to the regulators, investors and communities

Ready to go


Accelerated GISTM Audit

Our unique user centred audit design provides maximum context to the auditor for faster and consistent audit results


Customisable Audits

Our ready to go integrated audits can be customised to include the requirements from your organisation’s tailings framework


Flexible Scoring

Flexibility to choose the audit scoring criteria across multiple standards for seamless assessments in a single audit


Reduced Self-Assessments

Realtime compliance scores linked to the action plans provide live compliance, reducing the frequency of self-assessment


Site based performance

With our interactive dashboards, analyse multiple sites and establish performance benchmarking


Instant Disclosure Reports

Generate real-time disclosure reports to the regulators, investors and communities

How It Works

Add Your Operational

Add your operational requirements and your organization-specific standards

Develop an integrated

Develop an integrated audit using our AI-assisted audit creator

Conduct far fewer

Conduct far fewer audits and let the platform take care of generating all the compliance and disclosure reports

Tailings+ is capable of managing Multiple compliance standards

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Tailings+ is a platform for mining corporations to manage mandatory and voluntary compliance obligations through technology automation and intelligence.  Our tailings compliance package is ready-to-go with all the necessary tools for your commitment to implement GISTM standard across all your tailings dams

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